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Ground Truth has grown leaps and bounds in recent months, with hundreds of new members jumping on board. Judging by email engagement, it seems most of you are really digging our weekly computer vision newsletter. A huge thank you for your trust and support—I'm over the moon! This fuels my drive to find more ways to boost your computer vision journey and help you all thrive!


For those who may not know - I'm Dasha, the editor and community manager of Ground Truth. Our lively community is supported by Superb AI (where I'm a team member). Superb AI’s ML team is packed with some seriously knowledgeable PhDs and ML Engineers, who develop AI-powered tools for data prep, curation, labeling, and quality control, while also assisting companies in building and preparing vast vision datasets daily.

Resource for Ground Truth members

Where I’m going with this? 🤓 I know firsthand how tough it can be to find expert advice from cutting-edge computer vision practitioners. That’s why I'm introducing "Ask the ML Engineers" for Ground Truth members.

Here is how it’ll work:

  • Submit your computer vision question, request for advice or insight (for example computer vision model architectures, data processing, training strategies, data management and curation, labeling strategies, evaluation metrics, deployment, monitoring, etc.)

  • I'll share the most interesting questions & ML team’s answers in future issues (anonymously), so everyone in our community can benefit from the knowledge.

You can also send me your questions by hitting Reply to any Ground Truth email, including this one, or in the comment section below the post.

Have a great weekend!

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